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Brand new Dating Site Will Make Dating Simple, Personal, and Secure

The 3 S’s – simpleness, sociability, and protection – tend to be a good base regarding dating website. So why does it look like so many web sites are mysteriously missing all of them using their business strategies?

Enter LikeBright, another dating internet site based in Seattle whose goal is to purge deception from online dating world. It is a tall order, but Ron Lai, Sonya Lai (yes, they’re siblings), and Nick Soman are determined in order to satisfy it. The trio came across while studying at Harvard, and chose to receive LikeBright this year included in the TechStars, an organization that phone calls alone the “no. 1 business accelerator in the field,” system in Seattle.

Their unique goal, as told Aislyn Green of TechFlash.com, isn’t difficult: “LikeBright is actually a TechStars Seattle startup working to make matchmaking straightforward, personal and not harmful to ladies.” Ladies every-where – and plenty of males – complain regarding shortage of count on and widespread lying that affects online dating sites. For most, its come to be such a problem that they’ve given up on internet dating entirely in support of time for the original types of internet dating which they’d once refused, like satisfying through friends or at personal gatherings. LikeBright will combat this issue by “developing a dating layer on Facebook to aid females satisfy people through the people they believe.”

The motivation for LikeBright originated from personal expertise. Sonya was actually powered by a need to help her feminine friends navigate the sometimes-dangerous arena of online dating, and desired to put increased exposure of the difficulties, usually overlooked, that wogay men near worry about with regards to searching for really love on line. Ron, a frequent traveler, ended up being stirred to produce a site that met their nomadic needs, and Nick learned for the property value meeting a night out together through some body you count on whenever women buddy introduced him to their girl.

Before constructing the site, the trio executed 50 live interviews with women who planned to share their unique experiences with online dating sites. The replies they got ranged from the humorous into horrifying, like “every thing felt good. Right after which the guy questioned myself if I smoked meth” and “He was 11 and I also was required to drive him home. He previously walked entirely anywhere.” Determined that the globe lacked a dating web site that throws females first, LikeBright was created.

LikeBright is actually dedicated to producing an environment built on the 3 S’s. Signing up for this site is straightforward: it will require 30 seconds to register via Facebook Connect. Your website promotes sociability by offering users a social framework your singles they see and allowing them to connect to pals – connected or perhaps not – on the site. And it’s secure: ladies can use LikeBright anonymously, and every guy on the website is actually vouched for.

Mack Thomas

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