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How to create an effective marketing email?

You’ve probably read that the return on investment (ROI) for email marketing is $42 for every $1 spent. You might be surprised to learn that only 29% of marketers are experts in email marketing. Everyone has the potential to gain from email marketing, but only a small percentage of marketers use strategies that produce significant returns and increase their businesses’ exposure. 

If you’re looking for creative approaches to strengthen your email marketing efforts, you’ve reached the right. Here are some tips for enhancing your email marketing campaigns and increasing the visibility of your messages.

Email marketing success

Whether creating an automated drip campaign or a newsletter, Constant Contact makes it simple to design emails that look good and produce real business results. Making a master email template with all the necessary characteristics and replicating it might save you time compared to beginning from scratch each time you wish to send an email to a client or subscriber. Here are some best practices for creating a successful email marketing plan.

Email campaign structure

The freedom to design the appearance and feel of your email marketing campaigns is one of its best features. To generate business, an email only needs to contain a few lines of content and a link. On the other side, you may design a thorough email campaign that includes a preview of your most recent blog post, images of your newest products, details on your current offer, and a client video review. Regardless of how complex or simple your email marketing approach is, you should always include the following elements:

  • The Header
  • The Body
  • The Footer

We’ll go over each of these elements in detail in the sections that follow, outlining their importance and showing you some practical applications for them. 

The Header:

Before even opening the email, the receiver can view the header. A compelling subject line will persuade recipients to open and read your email. Do you ever click on links in emails you receive from strangers? Since your email receivers would rarely read past the subject line, it’s critical to double-check the header for accuracy.

The Body

If the intriguing subject line of your email got someone to read it, you now need to convince them that what you have to say is important and interesting. Your creativity can run wild when you combine different parts of the body. Each component (or widget) functions like a component of your go-to recipe. You will receive a wonderful treat if you take the time to blend the components carefully. A comparable tactic is to structure the content of an email so that the receiver is led through a sequence of choices that will result in the desired action.

Company Logo

Ensure your email’s logo is clickable and links readers to your website. Use the same colour scheme throughout your email marketing Columbus to ensure that customers can recognise your brand immediately.

Body Text

Don’t just read the content as long, boring paragraphs of marketing nonsense. Instead, you should carefully evaluate how your message is presented. There are a variety of possibilities, including succinct paragraphs, bulleted lists, questions and answers, and plain text links. Now is the time to convince your audience of the significance of what you have to say. I learned how to use buyer personas to envision your audience and create content that will appeal to them. It will be easier for you to write copy that inspires readers to take action if you have a clear picture of your ideal customer.

The Footer

Ending the body text does not mean the email is finished. A strong and compliant footer is necessary. It must have, among other things, the following:

Social media:

Give your followers the chance to contact you via social media and other channels besides your site to continue the conversation. Include a list of your active social media accounts in the email’s concluding line.

Contact info:

Make it simple for the receiver to email you back in response or contact you in another way. Your email must always include your Columbus digital marketing company genuine address to comply with CAN-SPAM.


You must give your subscribers a straightforward way to stop receiving messages if you don’t want to get into problems with the Can-Spam Act. All that is required is a clear link to unsubscribe from the list. Every email campaign from Constant Contact has a regular element like this.


The first step to effective email marketing is to create a well-designed, professionally branded email campaign in Constant Contact. Ensure your header, body, and footer are formatted correctly, and don’t forget to use the extra tips to make your message stand out in the inbox.

So that you can focus on the content that will attract the attention you desire, make sure your marketing goals are SMART.

Create a copy of everything, then use the template to add or remove whatever you require quickly. Learn how to use Constant Contact’s cutting-edge drag-and-drop email editor to create templates fast and effortlessly that work on all devices.


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