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How to transfer data from GBWhatsApp to WhatsApp

GBWhatsApp to WhatsApp WhatsApp has become an integral part of our daily communication. GBWhatsApp, on the other hand, is what was designed to satisfy people who like to modify and play with it. What if you want to transfer GBWhatsApp messages to WhatsApp after it has been used for a while? This article will show you how to quickly and efficiently transfer GBWhatsApp messages from WhatsApp to your phone.

Part 1: What’s GBWhatsapp?

Before we get into the details about how to send GBWhatsApp messages via WhatsApp, let’s first define GBWhatsApp. GBWhatsApp goes beyond regular WhatsApp. You can send and receive audio, image and video files beyond your normal WhatsApp limits. It also comes with many customization options, including stickers, ticks and themes. It is a modified version of the original app, and therefore can only be downloaded as APK files.

Part 2: Transfer data from GBWhatsApp into WhatsApp

Chats can’t be copied to both WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp simultaneously. This is why it is important to learn how to transfer chats between WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp. It’s simple and requires only two parts.

1. Backup GBWhatsApp Data

It is essential to create a backup of GBWhatsApp conversations. You can use GBWhatsApp just like in a regular WhatsApp.

Navigate to Settings in the GB WhatsApp App. Navigate to Chats > chat backup

To create a backup, tap BACK UP.

2. How to Transfer GBWhatsApp To WhatsApp

  1. Install the WhatsApp app on Android.
  2. Open File Manager on your phone and search for a folder called GBWhatsApp. This folder contains the backup you just made.
  3. Open ‘GBWhatsApp > ‘Databases’ folder. All backup files that you have created for your chats in GBWhatsApp will be found.
  4. Name the most recent backup file to “msgstore.db” and you will get a copy.
  5. Next, locate the WhatsApp folder and open the Databases folder. Copy the msgstore.db file to it.
  6. Now, set WhatsApp as normal and restore conversations. Done, that’s it.

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