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web hosting tends to be the second choice for many people looking for a web host for their small to mid-sized business (SMB) website, but one company is challenging this assumption. Pluripotr was founded on the concept of providing small businesses with a web hosting option that is both affordable and provides industry-leading speed. They do this through combining cheap web hosting with flexible cloud-based applications.

Converting a traditional web hosting service for small business to a web hosting service built for small businesses is usually a very quick process. Not only are they cost efficient, web hosting services are typically limited to how much bandwidth and storage they can provide. Cloud-based apps like Google Apps allow you to access and access information on any device with internet access. It essentially works as a very robust web hosting service for a web hosting company.

VPS hosting is basically a traditional hosting service with cloud-based tools like Google Apps. It’s easy to find web hosting services for VPS hosting, but selecting a VPS service with cloud-based applications built in is usually very difficult.

Therefore, cloud-based web hosting applications help solve many of the reasons you need web hosting services in the first place. As long as you pay for a web hosting service that allows you to use a web host that uses cloud-based apps, you are guaranteed access to those same apps that help small businesses grow and manage their entire business.

Easier Access to the Cloud

Although you typically pay for the hardware required to run a small business website or a small web hosting service, you can save money by making the move to a cloud-based solution. A cloud-based solution takes this concept further, because you aren’t limited to the hardware you pay for. You can use any device with internet access to access your site and your files.


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