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We offer awards for writers

Providing an excellent opportunity for collaboration, Experienced home improvement professionals are needed to share their knowledge, experience, ideas, and designs. We are looking for PARTNERS. Prepare an outline and a 400 to 600+ word abstract about your topic. When you have completed the form,  please email us at [email protected] with the subject ” Submit Home Improvement Guest Post“.

Why Write For Us?

1. Write a guest post to earn awards

2. Write an article to join our community

3. Become a member of our blog and get free access to Member Day activities.

4. Create friendly backlinks for your website.

Write for Home Improvement About

homeimprovementabout.com is a source of interior and garden improvement related news and articles. In order to maintain a continuous supply updated and latest information about home improvement news, homeimprovementabout.com offers a number of opportunities for guest authors who would like to share their experience and expertise thinking through contributed guest content on a wide variety of topics related to home decoration, gardening, interior design and latest home improvements news and tips.

We accept only fresh and unique articles which have not been published previously on any other website. We check each and every article manually regularly – even after a long time from published date.

Article Topics

We are particularly interested on the following topics:

Interior Design

Home decoration

Home Design


Bathroom and Kitchen Decoration

Bedroom decoration


Roof and construction

Home remodeling

Real estate

You can choose any of the above topics. We give special priority to publish fast of high quality articles. If you have any more topics into your mind, please suggest us.

Article and Link Guidelines:

1. This is an English speaking website, and so we accept articles in English only.

2. Article should be written in very simply as everyone can read and understand easily.

3. Try to avoid grammatical and spelling mistake. Minor mistakes will be recovered by us, but very poor quality articles will be rejected.

4. Article should be original, unique. Copyscape article will not be accepted. Also never use same article/content anywhere after publish on our site.

5. Length of the article should be minimum of 400 to 600+ words.

6. You have to send an unique short description about your article topic, within 80-150 words

Our Requirements from You

Your Full Name

Your email address on which we can contact with you

Please note, we read each and every article manually before publishing and so it’ll take some times. While your article will be passed through our quality guidelines, we’ll publish and inform you. It may be required at least 2 to 4 days.

Please send your valuable article according to our guidelines through [email protected] or contact us. But at first, please read our all guidelines properly.

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