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2023 Kitchen Trends – What Styles Are In for Kitchens in 2023

Home renovations have always been a major expense for households. According to the 2021 survey by Money.co.uk, 77% of respondents had spent time and money on improving the look of their property.

Many people pointed out that the primary reason for increased spending on home renovations was due to COVID-19 lockdown. With so many people stuck at home for long periods, making the home comfortable and aesthetically pleasing became ever more important.

The kitchen is by far the most important room in the house. It is a place where the family can gather, eat and interact with each other. Aside from the living room, the kitchen is a common space that needs to be inviting and functional.

It is also among the rooms people want to renovate the most. Since the cost of renovating and updating the kitchen is quite high, anywhere from £5,700 to £17,100 in the UK, paying attention to detail is critical. If you wish to keep your kitchen area up-to-date, then knowing the latest trends is a must.

Top Kitchen Trends For 2023

Here are the top trends for the coming year for you to take inspiration from when thinking about renovating your kitchen:

Enclosed Kitchens

Let us first talk about the design of a kitchen.  Open-planned kitchens have been in style for quite a few years. They give a more spacious look to the home by removing the boundary between the living area and the kitchen.

This trend is, however, doing a complete 180° and for good reason. With more and more people working from home, the need for clearly demarcated zones has risen.

There is a need to separate working and living areas. This way, people can be more focused on each task even though they may be doing it all under one roof.

Kitchens are now being designed as individual rooms separate from the living area. These can be closed to keep noise and smells at bay when needed. It is to maximize functionality, not just of the kitchen but also of the entire house.

Natural Light

Gone are the days of the stark white, almost clinical kitchen. There is a trend towards softer tones and this includes the lighting.

For the coming year, opt for larger windows. Bigger windows allow for maximum sunlight, reduces the need to use artificial light, conserve power, and cut energy cost.

Windows in the kitchen also play a role in improving ventilation. They can be a lifesaver in the case of a gas leak.

Furthermore, use artificial lights that have a warm, natural appearance instead of cold, white ones. Warm tones will give your kitchen a welcoming and comfortable feel.

Out With The White

As mentioned already, the white look is out. The all-white kitchen may look clean and is a minimalist’s dream, but from a practical point of view is a pain to maintain. The white kitchen needs to be spotless.

Additionally, white can seem cold and uninviting. People in 2023 are preferring comfort and warmth over an immaculate look. This means that the color palette is full of warm, earthy tones.

Color is in so you can choose soft cool toned colors, like light greens and blues. The idea is to create a cohesive color combination that reflects your style and makes you happy.

The monochromatic look, with different tones of the same color, is also quite trendy. You can even add pops of color using simple yet eye-catching accessories if you do not have the budget.

Say Bye To Black

The year 2022 was all about the matt black accessories. Think of the jarring combination of white kitchen cabinets with matt black handles. You would be pleased to know that black is out.

Just like the crisp white, black does seem quite unnatural. This is why it is time to say bye to the black. It is hard to maintain and lacks longevity because it proved to be a short-lived trend.

Organic Materials

You must be able to notice the trend for 2023 by now. It is about bringing the outside inside. Since people could not leave their houses for so long, many craved the outside feel.

Additionally, it also resulted in a greater appreciation of nature. This is apparent in the rise in the popularity of more organic materials.

Kitchen countertops, cabinet handles, and even the color palette reflect a move toward nature. Marble and quartz are in high demand. These offer durability and functionality and suit any kitchen aesthetic.

A major trend has been the use of metal and metal colors. More specifically, using a less polished version of metals, so they retain their organic look. Mixing and matching metals is also very much in fashion. It is also a smart move since metal lasts a long time.

Homely Versus Modern

The minimalistic and modern look of the kitchen is out. While minimalism is great for other spaces, such as the bedroom, to reduce clutter in the kitchen, some warmth is needed.

People want the kitchen to give a homely and welcoming feeling. This is why white is out, along with shiny and polished finishes.

Natural stones, metals, and tones are in for 2023. But that does mean you should spend a fortune on making these changes. Changing the backsplash to a stone slab or adding a few potted plants to the kitchen can help achieve this homely look.

Maybe change the light fixtures, lights, or the hood to reflect a more organic feel. These small changes can improve the image drastically.

Kitchen Safety Is Always Trendy

One trend that you can count on to always remain in style is safety. It is not much of a trend. However, the need to stress kitchen safety is never enough.

The kitchen can be a dangerous place if safety precautions are not taken. This includes making sure all your appliances and gas connections are fitted properly. Make sure to get a gas safety cp12 certificate every year.

In addition to this, install carbon monoxide detectors in and near the kitchen. Keep a small fire extinguisher and a first-aid kit nearby to deal with any emergencies swiftly.

Renovating Your Kitchen

Kitchen renovation and improvements do not need to be expensive. If you have the budget, make all the changes you want. However, if you are working on a limited budget, it is best to ensure safety first. Invest in making your kitchen a safe space for your family first.

Trends come and go and you can get creative with aesthetics and make minor adjustments to create a completely different feel. So, be aware of what needs to be done first and prioritize safety.

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