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Different essential features in a kitchen

To get the highest functional kitchen, you must have some essential factors present in your cooking space. As it is one of the busiest areas of the house the circulation and space layout should be the primary concern. Later the designs and the style should be considered.

The style and design depend on the space and the operation carried out in the cooking and preparation space. There are two types, they are traditional and modern.

Owners can choose any one type as per their choices and convenience. Comfort and convenience are also other parts that should be in mind while developing the space arrangement.

Features essential for a functional kitchen

There are a few factors that should be implemented. The implementation of the essential features will increase productivity.

Proper light and ventilation

As fire produces heat, the space always gets warm. It is difficult during the summers to cook inside the kitchen space if there is no proer ventilation. Not only that, proper ventilation also lets enough natural light enter. Apart from this, the warm air can be pushed out through the proper circulation of the airflow.

Food is cooked and stored inside the space, so proper airflow and sunlight maintain the freshness of the area. The space is free from germs and bacteria that can be developed due to the dampness inside the kitchen. The space remains wet due to the washing and cleaning of utensils and vegetables. It can dry faster if the ventilation is effective.


A stylish and well-designed kitchen is also an essential part. It is not possible to change the materials of the floor quite often. So the area requires a waterproof and durable floor area.

As water is used for multi-purposes in the kitchen, the floors get wet every now and then. So, selected flooring should be water-to and slip-resistant. Slippery floors can lead to unexpected accidents. So when choosing the material for the floor work safety should be considered over styles. Stones and tiles are popular floorings that are used.

Easy Maintenances


Maintenance of a space requires both time and money. So before investing in a kitchen it is essential to understand the type of maintenance the space requirements. As cooking and washing is a regular process inside, it leads to the formation of Grease and oil on the walls and the cabinets.

Therefore, regular cleaning is essential to get rid of the accumulation of grease and oil increases the tendency to the formation of germs and dirt.

So it is always an accessory to select products that are not only attractive but also easy to maintain. Durability is also an unnecessary factor that should be kept in mind while developing a well-designed space.


You should try to make the maximum space in your kitchen. So, the installation of cabinets is done based on the storage requirements. It can be a crockery shelf or space for groceries. In all types, there is a need for proper management of shelves and storage cabinets.

There are various cabinets and shelves available. It varies in size and materials. But to increase the functions of the space, cabinets and shelves should be selected based on the size or measurements cooking area. Plan the storage and then design the cabinets for proper use of space. The measurements of the cabinets and shelves may vary as per the storage items. Cabinets and shelves are the solutions to saving space and maintaining the safety of the products.

Lastly, a well-designed space is effective with the uses of modern appliances. A kitchen can be functional and operable with the basic features.

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