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Curtains are interesting accessories for your house. They have some functional purposes like covering the home from the high intense sun light, maintaining your privacy from the walking people on the street, and blocking any sound, cold, and heat. In term of artistic feature, you may perceive that curtains can be used for decoration and gives personal touch for you room. There are some types of curtains that you have to know before you change the curtain of your house with the new one. The first one is the sash curtain. It functioned to filter any entering light. The second type is a draw curtain. It is intended to block any light. The last type is the over drapery curtain. Such type is only used for the artistic or decorative intention. Based on the design and pattern, curtains are also divided in some parts so let’s check the following explanation for suitable arrangement.

white curtain

1.If you live in a small and tiny place, you can make it looks wider if you pick the curtain employing vertical pattern. This is a good solution for such home even if your house has a lowered ceiling; this tip still can work well. Thus, you will never have to feel restricted in the home. If you employ a plain color for the curtain, you may feel that your room is smaller and narrower than before. We know that the size of your room will never change but at least you can deceive your eyes so that you mood is not influenced by such situation.  Staying at home will be an enjoyable activity to do.

Cherry curtain

2.The color of the curtain for a small room needs to be decided too. As a suggestion, you may pick the light cool color curtain. It will give a capacious effect for your tiny area. Additionally, such color can make your house look classy and elegant. You may also pick the curtain with small pictures, but may choose the natural one.

3.You may also get the curtain made from glossy material. Light and bright colors will be the right options. If you live in a home that owns a little sun light, you will be able to make your house look brighter by having such curtain. We know that the amount of sun light every year is not the same so that we need to make a modification to perceive a brighter feeling. You have to make sure that the curtain is in light or natural color. Don’t choose the dark and gloomy pattern. If you want some picture on it, be sure that you select the cutest one.

Floral curtain

4.If your house is so long yet narrow, you may deceive its look by installing a horizontal striped curtain. It will make your look wider and larger. Another effect that can be perceived from such curtain is that it can make you room looks shorter. The most important thing in having a curtain also lies on the material. The thickness depends on the function that you want to employ. So, are you ready to purchase the new curtain?


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