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Home Improvement Ideas : Blue And White Interior Decoration For Rooms At Home

Repainting your new house will be a good starting point to give a clear and fascinating atmosphere. Fresh air will be allowed to enter. if you do not have any concept about colors, you may put in blue and white interior decoration. This color combo will create a charm, calm, tranquil and peaceful impression. When your eyes see these colors, they will remind you with nature. For example, you will perceive the mountain, ocean, beach, sea, cloud, and sky. Their popularity is counted by some people for decorating the rooms of their house like dining room, bathroom, living room and kitchen.

Blue and white living room

Let’s begin the decoration from the dining area. If you want to notice cool surrounding on the dining room, you may apply a dark turquoise blue color. You may separate the wall in two parts, the upper and lower part. The dark blue color is used to paint the upper, whether white color is great for the lower area. Such colors combination is popular among the people in the past where many high-class ladies and gentlemen spend their meals in such cool place. You may bring its atmosphere in this present day.

Blue and white dining room

Another way to design the dining room is by picking the delft as the decoration. Delft is a Dutch ceramic that is useful to enhance the expression of your plain room. Since the theme is blue and white, you need to pick the blue one. The wall needs to be painted in simple and plain white. If you employ the first idea that I have mentioned initially, it will not be suitable.  For more cheerful colors, you may add another color for a country feeling. Finding and purchasing delft is not difficult. You may find it in any brands and any types. Swedish, Dutch and Chinese delft are reputable enough.

Then you may turn the decoration on the bathroom. You may also do the similar thing to the bathroom. Using delft is also amazing. You may decorate the lower part using this product, whereas the upper part in a plain color. Such design is perfect for small bathroom for it can make it look larger. You may also add some accessories for enjoyable appearance. A vase of rose flower, aromatherapy bottle, and candle will make you stay longer in this place. The bathroom equipment may use similar colors, but it will be cheerful if you get a yellow mat, orange towels, and seat cover. The main thing is that you need to get a great combo.

Blue and white bedroom

For the house, imaginative and artistic style can be carried by blue and white interior decoration. You need to search for antique white color and paint it on the panel of the wall. The ceiling will be fantastic with shadowy blue. You may make it as stripes comprised from blue and white. The white colors need to be painted in thin shade for more elegant tone. You may also get a creamy wall paper if you want to. It will make your room look like in the Victorian era. Whether it is a dining room or a bathroom such blue and white design can be implemented in various rooms.


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