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Importance of Regular Air Conditioning Service For Optimum Output

Like any other equipment, the air conditioning system in your home needs regular maintenance to offer optimum output and function with maximum efficiency. Regular servicing ensures that the system will be in top shape. With constant use, the equipment experiences wear and tear. For this reason, you must consult air conditioning mechanics to design an air conditioning service plan for your home’s cooling system.

Also, servicing is an effective way to check for any issues that might hamper its performance in the long run. This can be a more expensive option as it may involve replacing specific components beyond repair. If the source of the problem is detected in the early stages, its repair can be done faster and at lower costs. However, if the issue persists and goes undetected, it may lead to a malfunction of the air conditioning system.

What must your air conditioning service schedule be?

Industry experts suggest that air conditioning service must be done at least once every year. However, certain factors determine the frequency you get your air conditioning unit serviced. They are:

  • Frequency of the system’s usage
  • Climatic conditions
  • Number of people in the house
  • Presence of pets
  • An indoor environment that may be impacted if there is a smoker inside the house

Some experts even feel a bi-annual maintenance schedule is the best way to guarantee the upkeep of your home’s air conditioning system. For example, to get the maximum cooling benefits during the hot summer months, getting an air conditioning service just before the onset of summer, most preferably in the spring, is a good option. Similarly, to avail of the optimum heating output during winter, getting the system serviced in autumn works well for the equipment and you.

Signs that indicate that an air conditioning service is long overdue

If you have not had your air conditioning service done in a long time and it is long overdue, you will notice some signs emitted by the air conditioner that indicate that all is not well with the system, and unless you do something about it at the earliest, you may have to face major air conditioning system-related issues in the near future.

1. You get hot air instead of cold air from the AC

We switch on our home’s air conditioning to enjoy the cool air. However, instead of the expected cool air, if you get a blast of warm air, you must realise that it is time to call a professional team at the earliest for maintenance and repair work if any.

2. The thermostat malfunctions

The thermostat is an important component of your home AC unit. If the unit shuts down mid-way abruptly or does not start right away, it could be due to the thermostat malfunctioning. Air conditioning services can help detect the problem.

3. The unit emits loud sounds

Unusually loud sounds from the AC unit strongly indicate that the unit needs servicing fast. It can be potentially dangerous if not taken care of right away.

4. An unpleasant odour comes from the system

If you get an unpleasant odour each time you switch on the AC, there is a malfunction within the unit. A burning smell can be risky as it could be due to a loose connection or a spark within the unit. A musty odour indicates the presence of mould inside the unit. In both cases, air conditioning service is the best option.

5. Reduced flow of air through vents

If the air released from the vents comes in spurts rather than a smooth flow, it may be due to a problem within the unit that is hampering the system from operating to its optimum level.

6. Increased humidity levels

If you do not feel comfortable even if the AC is operating due to high humidity, a system check-up is in the offing. Also, it may lead to mould formation, which can be a health hazard for the family.


To ensure that the efficiency and longevity of the AC unit in your home are not negatively impacted, regular air conditioning service must be a priority for you. They ensure a thorough AC cleaning, allowing you to enjoy the cool air in the comfort of your home for a very long time. Hiring a professional air conditioning service provider is a must.

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