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Rodents and Effective Vancouver Pest Control for Rodents

If you are confronting a rat problem in Vancouver, you are not alone. Rodents have grown over time in British Columbia, and rodent problem has grown in the region, too. You will also need to hire the right exterminators for the successful eradication of rodents from your home if rodents infest it. Besides, Pesticon is a reputable pest control service that homeowners and business owners count on for effective Vancouver pest control.

Besides, rodents are troubling pests for properties due to their gnawing ability. It is also important to identify and immediately get rid of rodents from a property when you suspect a rodent infestation. There are various species of rodents that can cause people problems once they infest their properties. Nonetheless, house mice, Norway rats, and roof rats are rodents that Vancouver people need to worry about. The aforementioned pests are abundant in the greater Vancouver area.

Things You Need to Know about Rodents  

Roof rats can move within the premises in the following range: 98 to 164 feet. Moreover, house mice move within premises that are 10 to 33 feet. Moreover, the aforementioned rodents change their roaming condition when situations become unstable for them. Rats also like eating most of their food at a time a day. On the other hand, house mice usually nibble a little food all through the day. Both rats and mice are mostly active during the night, with rats cautiously making a move and mice acting curiously.

In addition, rodents have the capability to squeeze through narrow and deep holes. A hole needs to measure ¼ inches for house mice and ½ inches for rats to squeeze through. Rodents are not only a problem for homeowners in Vancouver. Even warehouses, livestock facilities, restaurants, supermarkets, farm fields, and food processing facilities suffer rodent infestations.

How Destructive Are Rodents?

Rats and mice are a major force behind the loss of food worldwide. Rodents do not only chew food but also contaminate food with their fur and excreta. They can also create their big network in residential areas due to their burrowing and gnawing activity. Rodents can gnaw through to damage walls and barriers under a roof. They have the ability to gnaw rigid materials, like lead sheathing, cinder block, aluminum, siding, and some concrete.

Some people can also become victims of the Plague, a transmittable bacterial disease that rodents mainly carry. Still, rodents are not the pests that cause it. Rodents, especially rats, can greatly compromise the electrical systems on properties. They can cause severe damage to wires. Further, mice are not dangerous as rats; still, mice are annoying pests. 

How to Identify a Rodent Infestation

There are certain signs you should look for to identify a rodent infestation. Those signs include the following:

  • Fecal pellets
  • Rat footprints plus their tail drags
  • Gnawed objects
  • Burrows on a property
  • Strange holes in a room
  • Urine stains
  • Sound of rodents and their footsteps
  • Rodent odours
  • Alarming sound from pets 

What Is Effective Rodent Control?

Rodents can cause chaos on a property if they infest it. Effective Vancouver pest control for rodents is mandatory; otherwise, rodents will keep troubling you on your property. Rodent baits and traps are the most effective methods for knocking down the population of rodents. Rodent baits aid in controlling a large population of rodents. It is also important to sanitize the building after the deployment of rodent baits for rodent eradication. Sanitation procedures include cleaning away the baited food source and sealing harbourage.

Traps are also effective against rodents. Still, it is not easy to find the trap in the right sizes for the rodents you are dealing with. Rodents, including mice and rats, vary in size, so finding rodent traps in the right size is, of course, a challenge. It is also important to place traps a couple of feet apart if you are dealing with mice. You should place traps about 15 to 20 feet apart to get rid of the rats.

Furthermore, mice are more difficult to avert than rats because they can squeeze through into very tiny spaces. Nevertheless, you can block rats while placing a wire mesh around the openings in buildings constructed with sloppy construction. You should immediately contact exterminators for rodent control for effective rodent extermination when rodents infest your property in Vancouver.


You are not the only one in Vancouver who can confront a rodent problem in Vancouver. Besides, rodents are abundant in the greater Vancouver area. For the same reason, both homes and workplaces are not safe from mice and rats. Rats and mice can also cause significant damage to properties once they infest them. Besides, these pests are also carriers of bacterial and viral diseases. You should look for signs, such as fecal pellets, urine stains, gnawed objects, etc., on a property when you suspect a rodent infestation. 

In addition, rodent baits and traps are the most effective method for rodent control. Lastly, immediately contacting professionals with a reputation for effective Vancouver pest control can help you quickly deal with the problem.

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