South Facing House As Per Vastu: What You Must Know?

When deciding on a new south facing place to call home, many individuals consider it inauspicious to have south facing houses as per vastu. However, the same is not true. In actual, Vastu Shastra provides specific guidelines on arranging your home’s furnishings and rooms to serve as a magnet for only beneficial energy. The facing or the entrance is one of the factors, but not the only factor deciding the success of the house.

According to the vastu consultant online near me the northeast is the most popular orientation, while south-facing homes are usually second or third choices. People are scared to acquire a south-facing home because of myths and prejudices that have persisted for generations.

But this is just a myth; there is no problem with a home that faces south that vastu for home can’t fix. Ill-fates, disasters, illnesses, disabilities, and monetary losses are some of the most common and well-known examples of such misunderstandings.

South Facing House As Per Vastu: What You Must Need To Understand?

A south-facing house is one where you are facing south when you stand inside with your back to the door, and your face turned toward the front. Vastu Shastra holds that all orientations are equally fortunate.

However, south-facing homes are not a popular choice. On the other hand, South-facing homes have a more difficult time with component orientation than their North- or East-facing counterparts. Many urban legends have developed around this issue because of the widespread lack of accurate information, leading many to avoid using a west or south-facing entrance.

According to Vastu, whether or not a home with a south-facing orientation is beneficial relies on several criteria.

Popular misconceptions about south facing house as per vastu include the following:

  • It is a warning of ill fortune and should be avoided
  • It attracts the kind of bad vibes that only end in failure and depression
  • This results in a significant negative impact on the family’s finances
  • Creates distance between relatives

 South-Facing Houses and Vastu: Advice for the Front Door

The entryway is the most crucial factor in facilitating the smooth circulation of energy in a south facing house as per vastu. This means the owner needs to think carefully about where and how to put the main entrance.

You will need to study the Vastu in depth and understand that the location of door in the South direction is important. If the entrance is between the South & South East, it is highly auspicious. On the other hand, an entrance towards South of South-West should not be opted for. Vastu dictates that, while building a house, the property’s South dimensions must be considered to calculate the positive entrance area.

Also, in a south facing house as per vastu’s layout, the biggest gate in the home should be as per Vaastu guidelines.

Experts in Vastu also recommend choosing cream colour of the door. Make sure this area is well-lit at all times.

Position Of Your Bedroom

According to Vastu, the North and the West are the best locations for bedrooms in a south-facing home. The bedroom that faces North could be the main bedroom. According to Vastu, if you live in a south-facing home, you should always position your bed such that the headboard faces south.

Also, in a south facing house as per vastu, the main bedroom should always be on the top floor of a house with more than one story. According to Vastu guidelines, the northwest corner of a south-facing home is where you should put the children’s and visitors’ bedrooms.

South-Facing House Kitchen and Bathroom Vastu

If your kitchen is in the southeast corner of a house that faces south, Vastu considers that as the most ideal orientation.

Ensure ample daylight & ventilation entering the kitchen to get the most out of the sun’s rays.

The criteria for building a home with a southern exposure also specify the best colour scheme. For the outside, browns, oranges, and reds are lucky, but you should avoid blues and black. If you want the house’s interior to have a consistent vibe and colour scheme, you may achieve this by selecting complementary colours.

In a south facing house, as per vastu the bathroom should be planned in West of North West or South of South-West. It’s also important to consider where to put the septic tank, which, according to Vastu, should be in the south of the southwest corner of a home facing south (SSW). There is no good reason to pick the southeast and southwest corners.

By Vastu, What Kinds Of Plants Should A South-Facing Home Have?

Vastu Shastra gives plants a lot of importance, and they are also good for the look and health of a home because they make more clean air circulate inside.

  • To counteract negative energy effects, grow a Holy Basil (Tulsi) tree in the south-facing front yard
  • The Money Plant is an excellent decoration for your home since it represents progress and wealth
  • One can also bring an offering of the fragrant jasmine plant to their home shrine
  • If your house faces south, planting plants & trees towards South-East brings good cash flow

More sunshine, warmth, and monetary worth are just a few benefits of a south facing house as per vastu. Many Vastu experts agree that all directions are the same, but each has challenges and opportunities that a potential homeowner should be aware of. Don’t be afraid to ask Vaastudevayah for help if you need it. You will undoubtedly find success and happiness if you consult with their specialists.

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