The Truth behind High-Efficiency Gas Fires Myths

Although high-efficiency gas fires have been in the market for some time now, there’s still some confusion in the marketplace regarding this product. In fact, much of the confusion is based on the disseminated inaccuracies and common misconceptions about gas fireplaces.

Let’s dispel some of the biggest myths surrounding gas fireplaces, hoping to shed some light and warmth to your home.

Myth 1: Gas fires are not stylish.

If you were part of those who first witnessed the beginning of gas fireplaces roughly ten years ago, then this is no surprise. However, technology gas gone a long way. And this myth couldn’t be further from the truth.

Today’s gas fires are no longer limited to simply insets or radiant models. They now range from bespoke installations that could serve as a room divider to eye-catching linear fires to just about anything that satisfies the latest crave for interior trends.

Myth 2: You need to install a chimney.

Surprisingly, this myth is still going around. However, this is simply untrue.

Fireplace manufacturers are continually developing a wide range of high-efficiency gas fires that only require an outside wall. This key development has helped the secure the longevity of gas fires in most of today’s modern households.

Myth 3: They are not that efficient.

Again, this boils down to the advancement in manufacturing gas fires in the last decade or so. Today’s models feature modern gas fires capable of delivering impressive heating efficiencies of up to 89%, without even sacrificing authenticity and realism.

Additionally, prices of these units have gone down. However, the cost of energy is still critical for many households. Remember that natural gas is still lowest-cost fuel supplied for the same kilowatt usage.

This means an efficient fireplace could cost around 50% less per KW/h compared with an electric type, but producing the same heat. A gas fireplace is more environment-friendly with life cycle CO2 emissions nearly half that of mains electricity.

Myth 4: They don’t produce enough heat.

One of the greatest advantages of gas fireplaces is that they not only create focal point in your space, but also they provide an effective single-room heating. Its heat output averages 4.8kW, more than enough to keep the savage chill off your living room space.

Myth 5: They are hard to control.

The biggest advancement in this field are fireplaces that are remote-controlled. In fact, there are other fireplaces that have an electric ignition or top switch, making it easier for consumers, especially the elderly, to operate the fire.


High-efficiency gas fires continue to burn brightly as more homeowners are enjoying the benefits of owning one—from almost realistic flames to the new addition to their home’s décor.  So if you do not want the ash or smoke and also the hassle of getting or purchasing firewood, yet you still want real flame, then gas fireplaces is the perfect companion you need for those cold, winter nights.

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