Who Is Responsible For Cleaning At The End Of Tenancy? AU

One of the most common reasons why landlords remove money from security deposits and bond payments is cleaning at the end of a rental. When you move out of the property that you rented, you need to make sure that it is returned in a spotless and beautiful state.

If the landlord or real estate agent finds that the property is not clean, they have the legal authority to withdraw any or all of your security deposit.

Residential tenancy

According to research that was conducted by organizations in Australia that specialize in end of lease cleaning, more than fifty percent of tenants have had their security deposits forfeited by landlord or agent as a result of the filthiness of their leased rented property.

Who is Responsible for Cleaning At The End of Tenancy

Although it goes without saying that you should never leave the rental home in a poor condition as a tenant, as per the tenancy agreement, the question remains: Is it truly your obligation to organize a bond cleaning service, or ought this to be the task of the real estate agent?

Who is responsible for keeping the property clean?

This, however, is totally dependant on the leasing arrangement that you have as per the condition report. If it says that you are required to maintain the property clean and return it in flawless condition, then you are obligated to comply with those requirements.

For a comprehensive cleaning of your rental property, you may get help from trained specialists. They will handle all of the end of lease cleaning requirements and restore your rental property in time for the final inspection.

As the renter of the property, it is expected of you to keep up with the property’s regular cleaning and maintenance responsibilities with out any damage to the property. You run the risk of being held accountable if you fail to leave the property in a situation that is not only damaged but also messy.

In addition to doing any necessary minor repairs or replacements, you should make sure that the property is meticulously cleaned from top to bottom, with no traces of dirt or dust being left behind.

If you want to receive your whole security deposit returned, you need to clean every inch of the house, from the living room to the bedrooms, the kitchen to the bathrooms, the laundry room to the terrace.

It is critical that you hire a professional cleaning service?

Make sure you give the rental home a thorough cleaning before the final inspection so that you may get your security deposit returned. It is critical to clean in accordance with the checklist that has been authorised by REINSW.

If you want to get rid of stains, grease, dirt, dust, mould, and mildew from the various surfaces of a property, the best thing you can do is call a Dirt2Tidy cleaning business in that has highly educated employees. They will be able to aid you in doing so.

Because this is now an urgent necessity, you must make sure that they adhere rigorously to ecologically friendly cleaning procedures and make use of cleaning solutions that have been given the environmental seal of approval.

Get the property in the same condition

A condition requiring the use of a professional cleaning service is common in the rental agreements provided by many landlords and real estate agencies. Because they are responsible for maintaining the property to the required level of cleanliness, tenants frequently discover that they are compelled to hire a professional cleaning service.

On the other hand, many renters believe that their rights are violated when pricey cleaning services are required of them. If, despite not having a provision, you are unable to meet the conditions of the bond, you risk having some of the money attached to it forfeited.

Consider the following advice on end of lease cleaning before you get started on the procedure, in the event that your financial constraints prevent you from hiring a professional cleaning service as a landlord or tenant.

Create a Checklist for the Cleaning

The greatest thing you can do is make a checklist for the end-of-lease cleaning that will help you impress your landlord without making any mistakes. This is the finest thing you can do.

You need to include everything, from the living room to the bedrooms, the kitchen to the bathroom, the laundry room to the terrace. In this method, you will be able to determine what areas require more thorough cleaning before the final inspection.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

When cleaning a room, it is best to begin at the highest point and work your way down. Start at the top and work your way down, cleaning the ceiling fans, air vents, walls, picture frames, windows, and blinds of dust, cobwebs, and filth.

After that, move on to cleaning the furniture, carpets, rugs, and floors. You will find that doing this makes it simple to tidy up the complete space without neglecting any part of it.

It Is Required to Dust

It’s important to start with dry cleaning duties like dusting, vacuuming, and sweeping before moving on to addressing difficult stains like those found on carpets or other surfaces. Start cleaning your rooms by grabbing a microfiber cloth or a duster and putting them to use.

Take the time to clean the fans, light switches, baseboards, and any other surfaces that have accumulated dust. It is important to give your carpets and rugs a good vacuuming so that you can remove the dust and other impurities that have gathered.

Keep the windows clean

Remember to clean your windows, both on the inside and the outside. In order to accomplish this, you may make your own cleaning solution by combining white vinegar, baking soda, and warm water.

To get rid of streaks and stains, you’ll need to make a solution and then apply it to the glass, the window sills, and the tracks. When cleaning your windows, you should use either a paper towel or a clean microfiber cloth.

Cleaning of the Kitchen

It is quite necessary to do a thorough cleaning of your kitchen since it is the ideal environment for the growth of germs and bacteria. Therefore, freshen up everything in the kitchen, from the knobs on the stove and cabinets to the knobs on the range hood and worktops.

Remove any stubborn stains, oil splatters, grease and filth that has built up on the various surfaces and equipment in your kitchen, such as your oven, microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher. In addition, disinfect your kitchen with the solution of baking soda and hot water to eliminate any bacteria that may be present.

Cleaning the Restrooms

To get started, start by sweeping up any loose debris and hair that may be on the floor. Using a natural cleaning product, scrub the walls, tile grout, shower head, bathtubs, and any other surfaces that need to be cleaned.

If you want to get rid of soap scum, rust stains, and mould, pay extra attention to the corners, faucets, door frames, toilet seat, and shower top.

Remove the hair and any other debris that may be clogging the drain. Instead of purchasing commercial cleaning chemicals that are harmful to the environment, consider making your own cleaning solutions at home.

Cleaning of the Laundry Room

You can clean anything in your laundry room, from the cabinets to the walls, the washing machine to the faucets, using a cleaning solution made of baking soda and vinegar.

Be sure to clean the fittings on the tap as well as the tiles on the surrounding walls. Additionally, clean the floor with a mop and make it appear as though it has been done.

Scrub the Area Around the Building

The best way to get rid of the dust and dirt in the garage is to clean it out and sweep it. To completely clear an area of weeds, you need first trim the shrubs, then mow the grass, and then use a weed killer spray. Also, before the final examination, clear away any waste that contains green.

You need to give your driveway and any other concrete areas outside your rental property a thorough cleaning.


Before signing the lease agreement, it is essential to thoroughly understand all of the provisions. Be sure that you are familiar with both the rights and duties that come with your roles as a landlord and a renter from the start of the tenancy.

If you are a tenant who is moving out of the property after 23 march 2020 and you are renting in south wales, Victoria or Western Australia then you are the one who is responsible for performing the end-of-lease cleaning.

The greatest thing that you can do is to employ professionals to provide the highest quality Vacate cleaning in Australia from Dirt2tIdy so that you can get your money back without any hassle.

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