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Designing The House In Country Style

Country style house

Country style house is popular for some people since it reminds us of nature and comfort. Such style originated in the countries like England, France, and Sweden. Sometimes, you may see this style as a combination of those cultures. Having such style can make us feel the atmosphere of the rural areas where many flowers, plants, fresh air, and wood can be found. Country style does not offer people complexity just like what we have found in urban living. On the contrary, this design can function as a refugee for those who look for simplicity. If you go to the countries that I have mentioned previously, you may see how exceptional their house will look. It is usually made of brick with some wood as the furniture and decoration.

Country house

You can also blend and mix the accessories across culture, tradition, and period as long as it can give comfort and appropriateness. When you want to apply a country style, it does not mean that you close your world from the other styling. You may combine, pick and choose the right decoration and throw the unfitted ones. Some handy crafting in the market will be amazing as the accessories. Each country has its own characteristic of country style. Almost all of the styles share something in common. For example, they tend to use wood, ethnic accessories, and natural plants. If you love to have a French country style, you can make your house look more casual. The wall, trim, and shutter are not painted in fresh colors. Sometimes, you may find that the colors are faded away.

French country house

Here, there is no need for you to make yourself tired since the French country style is that way. The region that is involved much in the French style is called Provence. It is located in the southern part of France. You may get some decorations including bent wooden chairs, a walnut cabinet, along table located in the center of the room, hanging copper pots, an old stone fireplace, and a big stove near the fireplace area. If you want to get English country style, you need to have an eye-catching appearance. You need to get coordinated colors with a combination of furniture found in a complex and complicated pattern. Unlike the French style, you will catch it so formal. Every single thing is well prepared like the bush in the entry. The accessories that you need to have to apply such fantastic appeal are a velvet curtain, a soft pastel painted wall, a brick fireplace, books on bookshelves in a library area, a brick kitchen floor, delft tiles, and many more.

Country house design

Swedish country-style design is also a good option. Swedish people are so creative in making a handy crafts. Since they always live during dark winter, the interior of this house is preoccupied to gather light. You may see that some mirrors are located in the area that can echo the lighting. Wood is the main component to make this style lighter by picking beech and pine for making buffet, while the formal furniture is made from alder and birch wood.

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