Garden Decoration Ideas : Designing Rose Garden at Home

If you have a house surrounded by some plain space, you need make the space functional and useful by having a rose garden. If you do not have any garden at this moment, you may use this empty land as the place for cultivating the beautiful flower. As I have stated previously, a rose garden will be a good idea. When it is the time for the rose to bloom, you can never compare its beauty to the other flowers in the world. This outdoor garden will be great for you and the appearance of your house. If the empty space is perfect for enjoying the sunset and sunrise, you may also place a set of patio there. A comfortable patio and a beautiful rose garden will make your feeling back to the nature. You can enjoy the fragrance and bloom every day.

Traditional rose garden

There are many designs available for a rose garden. You choose from formal, traditional, wild or even woolly design. Before you determine any design for your new rose garden, you need to know the living characteristics of roses. You have to make sure that your space gives good light exposure. At least the roses must get six hours of sun light every day. The less strong sun light exposed in the morning is better than the hot sun light in the afternoon for it can make your roses burn. Moreover, the drainage system and the condition of the soil need to be decided too. To grow healthy plants, you need fertile soil. It must not be too dry or too swampy when the rain comes.

Container rose garden

The best soil pH for planting the roses is ranging from 6.5 up to 7.0. If you are not certain with the condition of the soil, you may test it first. Another thing to consider is that you need to separate this beloved rose garden from any shrub or trees. Get the taller kinds of roses for easy viewing when the rose garden blooms at the same time. Now, we may move to the design. Traditional rose garden is also called as formal rose garden. The shape imitates geometrics. You may apply rectangular or square rose garden. You may divide the rose garden into some parts by using strips of sod or paving stone.

Cottage rose garden

You may decorate the rose garden by placing the standard roses on the each edge, whether the hybrid and shrub roses are good to see on the bed side. If the rose garden is near a wall or a trellis, you may also make climbing roses. You need to regard the colors of the roses. You should organize the bed of roses based on the colors. You can set the roses in white and yellow in the same bed, whereas the pink and red roses are grouped together. You rose garden will look fantastic and colorful. You may also design your rose garden in a cottage area. You need to lay a bench or chairs for your family, friends, or visitors so that they can enjoy your beautiful rose garden in comfort.

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