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The Ultimate 2023 Interior Design Style Guide for Your Living Room

You have already been through several changes in 2022 and stepped into 2023 for some more changes. Ask yourself several questions if you are ready to make some more changes in your living room this year. If you are planning to switch your home style, but feeling clueless right now, figure out your preferences. Are you feeling inspired to make a change or need to transform the interior décor of your living room?  Get hold of some of the marked decorations and strike a balance between functionality and comfort.

So, here are 5 ideas compiled for you to get a starting point to design your living room right from the beginning. If you have been consulting the best Vancouver home builders for addition or right from the start of the building process, here is what you need to know.

Steps to embellishing your living room interior

  1. Create a semblance with a modern and rustic look
  2. Are you in for a modern living area but want it to look rustic as well? Make sure you consult with a team of architects to know how you want the rustic setting to look and make the changes from the construction stage. There are several ways in which you can make a contemporary space look vintage, so pick the décor elements and artifacts once you feel satisfied with the style.

  3. Go for a boho-styled living space
  4. The boho style remained popular throughout 2022 and is here to stay in 2023 as well. As far as boho living room designs are concerned, go for rugs, textiles, and wall hangings. One of the most significant aspects of a boho design is that you can go crazy with colours. You can tweak your old upholstery and go for macramé curtains and ethnic cushion covers. Apart from this, you can play with handmade embroidery and geometrical motifs along with hand-woven lamps, lots of pictures, and mirrors. However, if you want to go ethnic with the living room decoration or want to style it right from the start to infuse the décor elements correctly, ask your custom home builder Vancouver BC to design the space accordingly.

  5. Individually contemporary
  6. One of the styles to dominate interior design for the living room in 2023 is making it individually contemporary. If you think of it as something similar to what you have come across in previous years, hold your breath and be patient. In 2023, contemporary design will mostly be based on sophistication, functionality, and comfort and the materials to dominate are glass and metal as far as contemporary design is concerned. 

    While the colours to pick are sombre and are expected to move around in browns, grays, and shades of black, use bolder shades like red and orange as accents. High ceilings and beans are likely to stay in focus this year, so have a heart-to-heart discussion with the builder from scratch. That way, you will not be left clueless when choosing the décor elements later.

  7. Eclectic style
  8. People often harbour myths when using the eclectic design style for the living room. Find out how big or small the space needs to be for you to create an assortment of décor items of different cultures you collect from various sources. However, you must refrain from ideas that do not match the overall space. Try to restore balance with colours and textures that create the right blend of new and old ideas.

  9. Transitional design
  10. If you want to go a different way with the living room design in 2023 and have already included an open layout during custom home building, a transitional design is what should fill your appetite for design and décor. The best thing about this design idea is that you keep making changes every year and are an excellent option for design fanatics. It is an affordable option as well as you can keep the accessories to a minimum but whatever little you have, should impact the entire design. You can combine two or more styles for a transitional design or pinpoint specific ideas to accentuate the look.

If you are planning to make this change during remodelling, hire Roadhouse Homes for the best home renovations Vancouver BC. Their expertise goes far and beyond whether it is for custom home designs or expensive remodelling work. Does the interior design list sound inspirational? Create an outline of your design plans and solidify an actionable measure to feel happy about a place that you can home and a living room that creates a positive vibe.

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